Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little things

Units sold: 17
Amazon Sales Rank: #623,437 in Books

I didn't even check the official sales log, I can tell from the ranking no books were sold.  I have convinced myself that the book is not going to magically disappear, so I am beginning to process the "long run" nature of promotion.  I am continuing to reach out to people I know and have gone from asking them for a purchase to seeing if I can send them copies to give out.  I also lost access to Hotmail in a workplace security enhancement, and emailing through my phone is a pain, so correspondence is going to have to shift to night time.

Through discussions with Angie, my sister-in-law, I have made progress towards a better publicity release which includes a couple of quotes from people who already have the book.  These I think are sound endorsements. 

“I’m cracking up. From "Will You?" to "I Do." is so funny. I should probably stop reading it though; I am always complaining about how buried I am at work. Shoot. I want to go hide somewhere and read this.”  - Dominique R. 

“67 pages in, it's embarrassing how many times I laughed out loud.  From "Will You?" to "I Do." is a definite gift for one of my buddies getting married this year.” – Todd N. 

Aren't you convinced?

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