Friday, March 1, 2013

Turning to Weekly Updates

Units sold: 22
Amazon Sales Rank: #1,489,488 in Books

To say this is slow going is an understatement.  I am having trouble giving copies away.  I have sent the "free giveaway" offers to selected members of 5 key bridal/planning sites/magazines and haven't heard anything.  I am trying to decide how many follow-ups to send, before either trying a different person, or trying the unsolicited mailing.  Getting a positive review or some acknowledgement from one of the contests would be a smoother entry, but those results are 10 weeks away at a minimum, which is a long time to sit around.

In the mean time, I have reduced my radar to Cincinnati.  I have sent a similar letter of inquiry to an editor at CityBeat, the local newspaper.  I have also found a reporter at each of the local news stations to contact, but I am not sure what version of the story to go with.  As much as I like the shotgun approach, I will make myself, aim, fire, adjust as needed, but how to rank order local news reporters, I DON'T KNOW!  But I also shouldn't tell them they've been rank ordered, because each one is the most important. 

I also need to send some form of notice to my various alumni groups and see if some mention will help.  I am still firing blindly into the world as until I get a response, to something, as currently I can't even jump to a conclusion as to what the best way to get interest is.

I did receive a thank you note from Florie Jo, a Goodreads giveaway winner, upon receipt of the book, so hopefully there might be some movement there.  I would ask for help, but I think I am the only one looking at these posts.