Friday, February 8, 2013

Pre-publish checklist

Units sold: 22
Amazon Sales Rank: #533,508 in Books

Two more units sold to unknown readers. Awesome!  Ranking still in the toilet.  

Apparently, there were about 87 things I should have been doing in anticipation of being published.  The publicity release is being reviewed by my new best friend and IU alum Courtney Caudill.  She works at Wordsworth, a local PR firm.  This is an alumni/LinkedIn type favor, so don't tell them.  The publicity release will be added to the website, which I just threw together.  You'd be proud of it if your 3rd grader told you they built it during arts and crafts hour. 

Obligatory Link: 

The website is being used as a online media kit, something that reporters can use to build stories about you, given how awesome your publicity release is.  Your media kit should also include testimonials, which are "everyday citizen" praise for your work.  I couldn't actually get these until I published the work, so I facing a chicken/egg situation.      

Speaking of reviews, barefoot sparkler, has posted a wonderful endorsement on Amazon.  I am not certain who barefoot sparkler is, but she is five stars in my book.

Speaking of Amazon, apparently when you include your ISBN number in your Kindle version info, it overwrites your paperback feed.  So, my Kindle version is available, but my paperback has disappeared from search results.  I made an update and hopefully over the next 24 to 48 hours everything will be back to normal.

I also met Kristen, a former co-worker for lunch yesterday and she graciously accepted seven copies to distribute, so my book a day policy was cleared for the week.  I also gave one to Kat, my hair stylist, who has known another funny man, Drew Hastings, for quite a while, so she should have good feedback on the caliber of my funnies.  I don't actually style my hair in anyway, but if I ever did, it would look lovely.  Her skills are beyond "the lady who cuts my hair" label.  Check the profile pick.  My one step in the morning, is rub with towel if wet.  

P.S. Just had my annual review and it looks good for keeping my day job as I try and get my ranking out of the toilet.

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