Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good Wednesday

Units sold: 20
Amazon Sales Rank: #226,271 in Books

3 units sold on Amazon on 2/5/13.  And this is the first time I don't specifically know who bought them! That actually makes me excited.  I am not taking phone calls or checking email while I write this so I can maintain that excitement for at least another 5 minutes.

I believe the publicity release is ready.  And it appears PRLog is the place to send it out.  Since it is free. I will post it here within a few days just for public record. I also read somewhere that I should have a dozen press releases ready to send and tie my book to various newsworthy items.  Since Brad Pitt is in my book, I mean literally his name is in it, and in reference to my inviting him to the wedding, I think a tie-in to World War Z is not uncalled for.  "The xylophone of genius has tinkled again." 

The marketing strategy has been refined to going after 5 prime candidates for media coverage.  These have been chosen due to the relationship of the book's content to their offerings.  WEDDINGS!  HELLO?!

In semi-order of importance:
1) The Knot
2) Martha Stewart Weddings
3) Wedding Wire
4) Brides Magazine
5) Cincinnati Wedding Magazine

I have been researching key people at each entity.  My current idea is to create an invitation for them to read the book, from Tiny Prints most likely, and then send them a package containing the invite, a cover letter, the publicity release and then a nicely wrapped set of 4 or 5 books to enjoy.  This is the focus for the next week.

Other minor details are getting the book mailed to Writer's Digest and Midwest Book Review.  I will need to order some more copies of the book also, given the Goodreads contest will close before I know it. 

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